Munkii Believers

Stranded 1500 kilometers in the exosphere, earth's last hope of survival - Munkii, only on the Iota Tangle

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Munkii OG Collection

The munkii 3D OG collection on Soonaverse - The first drop of 444 Munkiis from Munkii lab

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And there is more!

Munkii lab is creating artwork and animation airdrops for Munkii 3D holders together with strengthening our collaborations, offering merchandise, and more...

3D models

Imagined in the mind

Crafted in Blender


Limited edition hi-res artwork airdropped to Munkii NFT holders


Limited edition animated loops airdropped to Munkii NFT holders


Future drops of NFTs, because every Munkii needs a nemesis


Join the Munkii Discord server, help influence Munkii's journey


I love the idea of a vinyl Munkii toy attached to an NFT!


Building bridges with other IOTA projects, strengthening alliances

The Legend of Munkii

To gamify Munkii is the ultimate goal, we've started that journey

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It's all about bringing munkii to life and being more than a static 2D image. That's why munkii lab created munkii 3D from the first iteration of 2D vector designs, to give more depth to munkii.

Animation loops help munkii show off his attitude with limited editions being airdropped to munkii 3D NFT holders as part of community-driven competitions. The first-ever munkii animation loop 'the silly dance' is already out there, won by @Doenermaker for the 'magic voodoo doll' 3D dance collection courtesy of munkii lab ;)

Not yet a munkii believer - get one of the munkii 3D OG collection NFTs on Soonaverse and join the munkii gang to shape munkii's journey.


Munkii lab is focused on continuously building out munkii's 3D world. The journey has just started!

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The Legend of Munkii

Munkii has always been about more than just an NFT PFP project, with Unreal Engine 5 everything is possible ;)

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Munkii lab's community is growing - come hang out, or just drop us a line if you have questions

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